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From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the fuel that makes modern life possible.

Reliable energy for a brighter tomorrow

Stoixwing Energy values strategic alliances with its six types of partners as they bring diverse expertise, resources, and networks, fostering collaborative opportunities and enabling synergistic approaches to navigate the complexities of the global energy market, while also promoting innovation, sustainability, and long-term growth in the industry.

These partnerships allow Stoixwing Energy to leverage collective strengths, mitigate risks, and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately delivering greater value and driving success in its petroleum trading endeavors.


Blended Light Crude Oil

A mixture of crude oils, blended in the pipeline to create a crude with specific physical properties.

EN590 10 PPM

Diesel EN590 is a standardized fuel for diesel engines with low sulfur content, ensuring cleaner combustion and reduced emissions.

Benzine 95 | 98

Gasoline is a volatile, highly flammable liquid fuel derived from crude oil, commonly used in internal combustion engines for vehicles.

Diesel D2

D2 is a refinery abbreviation for Gasoil. It is the second distillate from the crude, and can be used without reformers and additives

Aviation Kerosene A1

Jet Fuel A1 is a highly refined aviation fuel with specific properties to meet the requirements of jet engines.

Aviation Kerosene JP54

JP54 stands for “Jet Propulsion, A1, Colonial Grade 54″. During the refining process only 15% of the crude oil is made up of JP54.

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Energy solutions for a growth future

Energy plays a vital role in powering the growth future by fueling industrial development, infrastructure expansion, and technological advancements, driving economic progress, job creation, and improved living standards while concurrently embracing sustainable energy solutions to mitigate environmental impact and ensure long-term energy security.

Refining Capacity

Large refining capacity per partner producer.


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Choose Stoixwing Energy for its unwavering commitment to reliability, ensuring consistent and timely delivery of energy resources, backed by a well-established global network and industry expertise.

With a diverse portfolio of resources, including crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products, Stoixwing Energy offers a dependable and sustainable energy supply to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide.


Cleaner energy promotes a sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions, minimizing environmental impact.


Stronger partnerships foster collaboration, knowledge exchange and shared goals.


A better ecological environment is achieved through responsible and sustainable practices.