Meeting future demand in a sustainable way

We’re doing our part in that regard with greener practices that don’t harm the environment.


Stoixwing Energy prides itself on its unwavering commitment to reliability, ensuring consistent and dependable energy supply.


Sustainability is at the core of Stoixwing Energy's operations, driving its commitment to promoting our energy solutions.


Stoixwing Energy is deeply committed to delivering exceptional value, fostering strong partnerships, and pioneering innovative solutions.

Trusted Partner of Global, world-class brands and organizations of all sizes


Providing affordable and reliable energy

A dynamic petroleum trading firm specializing in global energy markets. With extensive industry expertise, we deliver reliable supply chains, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions, powering a sustainable future.

We're proud Oil & Gas Company

We Spread Around The World

Stoixwing Energy operates on an international scale, engaging in petroleum trading activities across diverse global markets. With a keen focus on building strategic alliances and leveraging global networks, we ensure reliable supply and effective distribution of energy resources worldwide.

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A Vital Energy Resource For A Better Tomorrow

Trading of vital energy resources, including crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products. With a robust portfolio of diversified energy assets, we facilitate the efficient flow of these resources to meet the ever-growing energy demands of industries and economies worldwide.


Stoixwing Energy aspires to become a trailblazing force in the global energy trading market, setting new benchmarks for excellence and sustainability.


Our vision is to create a future where clean, efficient, and renewable energy sources are seamlessly integrated into the global energy landscape, powering sustainable development and mitigating environmental impact.


Stoixwing Energy's mission is to be a trusted provider of diverse energy resources, leveraging our expertise and industry partnerships to ensure reliable supply, optimize distribution, and drive the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Powerful Alliance for a sustainable future

Stoixwing Energy values strategic alliances with its six types of partners as they bring diverse expertise, resources, and networks, fostering collaborative opportunities and enabling synergistic approaches to navigate the complexities of the global energy market, while also promoting innovation, sustainability, and long-term growth in the industry.

These partnerships allow Stoixwing Energy to leverage collective strengths, mitigate risks, and enhance operational efficiency, ultimately delivering greater value and driving success in its petroleum trading endeavors.

Oil Refineries & Producers

Stoixwing Energy forms partnerships with oil refineries and producers to secure reliable sources of crude oil and refined petroleum products, ensuring a steady supply for its trading operations.

Shipping and Logistics

Collaborating with shipping and logistics companies enables Stoixwing Energy to efficiently transport and distribute energy resources across global markets, optimizing the supply chain and enhancing operational effectiveness.

Financial Institutions and Banks

Partnering with FI's and banks empowers SWE to access capital, manage financial risks, and leverage financial instruments, strengthening its trading capabilities and supporting growth strategies.

Government Agencies and Regulatory Bodies

Engaging with government agencies and regulatory bodies allows Stoixwing Energy to navigate complex regulations, ensure compliance, and foster constructive relationships that contribute to a stable and transparent energy trading environment.

Energy Platforms and Exchanges

Establishing partnerships with energy trading platforms and exchanges provides Stoixwing Energy with access to robust marketplaces, enabling efficient price discovery, liquidity, and trade execution for its energy commodities.

Energy and Technology Providers

Collaborating with renewable energy companies and technology providers allows Stoixwing Energy to explore and participate in the growing renewable energy sector, promoting sustainable energy solutions and diversifying its portfolio.

Why Choose Us

Promoting responsible use of petroleum resources

Choose Stoixwing Energy for its unwavering commitment to reliability, ensuring consistent and timely delivery of energy resources, backed by a well-established global network and industry expertise.

With a diverse portfolio of resources, including crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products, Stoixwing Energy offers a dependable and sustainable energy supply to meet the evolving needs of industries worldwide.

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Jobseekers who aspire to work with Stoixwing Energy are invited to explore exciting career opportunities and submit their applications through our website, joining a dynamic and forward-thinking team in the global energy trading industry.

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Managing Director

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Our Projects

We Take All Related Oil & Gas Projects

Stoixwing Energy is actively engaged in developing innovative energy projects and concepts, focusing on energy integration, energy storage solutions, and sustainable technologies to drive the transition towards a brighter future.

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Heat recovery technologies, capturing and utilizing waste heat from industrial processes...

Crude Flexibility

Optimized refinery operations to process a wide range of crude oil grades, enhancing flexibility...

Unconventional Gas

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